“Trump’s a Shmuck But I Like His Policies” is Not Acceptable

Orrin Konheim
3 min readJun 8, 2022

A distant family member said this the other day who is a very pleasant woman but defiantly conservative. Unfortunately, she and her conservative husband raised a son to also be conservative and while all three of these people are intelligent, I have trouble wrestling with their morality.

I will fight the Left on intellectual dogmatism to the furthest ends of the Earth and that does mean trying as hard as possible to provide a space for Conservatives to express their views and be heard.

However, there comes a line when Conservatives are essentially evil and while I would rarely condone depriving Conservatives of a voice, but I struggle with where the line is on protecting them. If, for example, Conservatives wanted to unleash a bombing raid on the city of Houston to ensure that Texas remains red (and honestly, is this that much of a stretch, the way these guys are going) through mass murder, can we really be ok with that?

If Conservatives react strongly to equating their action with evil, perhaps they should re-examine what the definition of that word is.

I’d argue that Trump has broken all seven deadly sins or many of the commandments, or whatever moral ideology you subscribe to. Let’s see: There’s rape, the Muslim ban, reversing visas to Cuba, the transgender military ban (and I’m as critical of the transgender movement as anyone), seeking to ruin and defame the lives of all the people who have a political agenda than you, subjecting civil servants to mafia-like pressure, unjustly firing people who tell you things you don’t want to hear, not only lying but attempting to shake the importance of truth in government, inflaming divisions to ensure the country doesn’t ever come to partisan agreements about anything, demonizing minorities and immigrants, shutting down the government for personal gain and depriving families of pay, raping, evading taxes, and funnelling money from the government to profit off your hotel industry.

To say “Trump is not a good guy, but that’s ok” is to not be empathetic of all the people who suffered directly or indirectly from these actions. There’s a difference between playing politics and choosing your team, but we had over 150 congressmen refuse to certify an election after 60 court cases all ruled in favor of Biden. In the span of five years, what was morally reprehensible (trying to stop democracy from taking its course) is now the norm, but that it’s the…

Orrin Konheim

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