Guidelines for Co-Sharing a Living Space with Political Diversity

Orrin Konheim
3 min readOct 12, 2021

I have recently relocated to the Gulf Coast for Hurricane Ida relief and have been using housing. There has been a person on the space with far-left political opinions whereas I am more of a left-center person and it has led to a few clashes. I decided to draft a document and think it could be constructive. I changed the name of the people and organization as well

Suggested guidelines for existing in space that respects intellectual diversity

Many people are rightfully concerned about persecution on the basis of sexual orientation, race, and gender but there is also a need to ensure the desire to eradicate society of those evils is properly balanced with a respect for intellectual diversity.

I’ve found myself at the center of this often because I’ve faced exclusion for my beliefs that, for example, cancel culture being an existential threat to society, and have witnessed conservatives face worse pushback. At the same time, I’ve also had decreasing tolerance with the validity of the beliefs of Conservatives and have often confronted Trumpists with angry vitriol so I understand. Where to draw the line between protecting someone’s political beliefs is something that is not easy but I think it should be addressed considering I’m feeling some of that persecution here at Organization A

I’d like to suggest the following:

-Members should not speak for other people’s politics. On multiple occasions,John Doe has suggest ed that people here don’t believe in the US government. John Doe also said in a conversation “we’re cutting you slack for not believing in identity politics” as if Meredith and Ryan are on the same page as him. I’ve spoken to both Meredith and Ryan privately and they are more ok with my right to my political beliefs than John Doe imagines. There’s another case I’m forgetting now. Such assumptions put the burden on me to identify myself as not holding the same beliefs as the group.

-Political and socio-economic beliefs are not the same as scientific laws. In other words, critical race theory is not gravity. There is no 100% certainty in this sphere that anyone is wrong or right. Therefore, the most respectful thing to do is to say “I believe” before a political statement.

-Members here should show through their actions and words that people’s politics are all respected. At one point…



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