The Resort (Peacock) Review

A married couple (Christine Milioti as Emma, William Jackson Harper as Noah) is experiencing the blahs on a 10-year-anniversary vacation to a tropical Mexican resort. William Jackson Harper has only been known to the world-at-large as the tight-laced hypochondriac ethicist from The Good Place so it’s a little jarring to see him chilling out in the tropics with his hair in an — — sorry I’m not well-versed on African-American hairstyles and not going to try — un-Chidi-like state.

Anywho, Noah and Emma get shaken out of their rut when Emma discovers an old cell phone from 15 years…



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Orrin Konheim

Freelance journalist w/professional bylines in 3 dozen publications, writing coach, google me. Patreon: http://www.patreon/com/okjournalist Twitter: okonh0wp