RIP Blair Tindall, Oboist Inspiration for Mozart in the Jungle

Orrin Konheim
2 min readApr 22

(2) Zoom Q and A with Blair Tindall of Mozart in the Jungle — YouTube

In 2016, I was a struggling freelance journalist that wrote an article about the TV show Mozart in the Jungle that got Blair Tindall’s attention. She took the time to message me on Twitter and tell me my piece was great. When I expressed doubt that my editors liked me much and that I was doing ok in journalism, she encouraged me further in private messages to have a “screw the editors, you’re good” mindset,

Tindall lived an adventurous and financially rocky life like mine (the kind worth living) and she really meant a lot to me. Her book is an inspiration to all artists who find a balance between passion and stability. I eventually found her Her show was an exciting entrance into the world of classical music.

She also agreed to do a public interview with me a few years later, and her generosity won’t be forgotten. I’m really glad to have briefly known her, she was a generous and classy person, and I mourn her loss with the rest of the Mozart in the Jungle fan community.

I whole-heartedly recommend Mozart in the Jungle as both a read and as a TV show.

Orrin Konheim

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