Respectfully, there's a difference between denying your right to have your opinions and publicly voicing that I believe some of your claims are unsubstantiated. True, there's a justice involved in championing minority visibility, but that justice can involve attacks like the one you are making on CBC and there's a concurrent justice in accurately conveying whether they are worthy of that charge (AKA defending them.

I disagree with some of those opinions and some of them I applaud. You might be infuriated and I'm sorry you are personally upset, but that might have to do with your capacity to make space for differing viewpoints, or perhaps I am making terrible statements (either could hypothetically be true). I do believe that some of your claims are unsubstantiated, however, and

As I've seen more of the show I've grown quite attached to Janet, but Shannon is ideal for a spin-off logistically because she's not part of the family. Not every decision that TV executives make (or white people in every industry, for that matter) is fueled by racism or even systematic racism and there's a valid argument that 1) the constant pressure to only make decisions to appease a silent and loud majority in the name of PC-ness can be very limiting on the artistic process and 2) art has great benefits for society (even in ways that could benefit your goals).

Furthermore, Nicole Power co-developed it is a stand-alone show with the same character. Several comic actors like Bob Hope and Lucille Ball have played the same characters all their lives. Is anything done in Nicole Power's future worthy of scorn? People deserve to be defined more than whether they are people of color or white which should be the case with Nicole Power.

As I previously said, I stand with you that the writer's room made a bad move in not collectively listening to the experience of the Korean cast members.

The rate of shows being cancelled before 5 seasons is extremely high regardless of race. I once talked to a show runner (My Name is Earl, Raising Hope) that has made 5 shows successfully and is a known commodity and none of those shows lasted that long. The mark for syndication is 100 episodes which is generally considered the benchmark and that benchmark of success has gotten shorter since 2015. That Mindy Project (and there's a lot to unpack here about you calling this an Asian show since the continent has so little commonality except as a European construct. I myself can be classified as an Asian-American if you think everyone on that continent shares anything), Fresh off the Boat, and Kim's Convenience got that many seasons is evidence towards my point: Not yours.

You are correct that in the 1990s, there were no shows for EAST Asians (except for Margaret Cho's All-American Girl), but I'm not sure what you're saying. Progress has been made since the 1990s and I'm not saying "beggars can't be choosy" but I'm saying paint an accurate picture of how much oppression and lack of visibility you are facing before you accuse the system of being racist.

This is a TV environment where The Night of, Underground Railroad, I May Destroy You, The Good Lord Bird, The Mandalorian, Star Trek Discovery, Atlanta, Insecure, Never Have I Ever, We Are Lady Parts, A Black Woman Sketch Show, Love Simon, Two Dope Queens, and Miss America have all thrived.

If you look at the mastheads of most arts magazines like AV Club, Salon, Vanity Fair, Variety, Esquire, they are dominated by people of color, feminists, and queer theorists who review films and TV shows applauding those shows which might champion those narratives. Am I saying that's wrong or right? No, but I am saying not acknowledging that's part of the current system is misleading.

My original intent in responding was because I hope we'd see our commonality as to people who like the show. Now my intent is to simply respond to some of the things I disagree with and turn it into an article of my own, so I thank you for the material and hope you enjoyed the debate. I do believe that engagement with writers (even ones we see as terribly wrong) can be quite productive.




Freelance journalist w/professional bylines in 3 dozen publications, writing coach, google me. Patreon: http://www.patreon/com/okjournalist Twitter: okonh0wp

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Orrin Konheim

Orrin Konheim

Freelance journalist w/professional bylines in 3 dozen publications, writing coach, google me. Patreon: http://www.patreon/com/okjournalist Twitter: okonh0wp

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