Charlyne Yi’s attack of Seth Rogen Crosses into Liberal Enitlement

Orrin Konheim
2 min readMay 12, 2021

Charlyne Yi responds to Seth Rogen saying he won’t work with James Franco (

Actress Charlyne Yi is portraying herself as a survivor of on-set abuse when she’s openly admitted nothing happened to her on that set. She simply heard second-hand rumors on the part of James Franco and insisted on breaking a contract which would hold up production and cause countless problems to other people’s lives. When the producers attempted to placate her, she smeared them in the press with a charge of bribery.

If she’s going to co-opt the label of “survivor” or gender-based discrimination, she needs something other than this incident.

I’m in favor of people’s right to make art (provided their collaborators are comfortable making art with them) and the public’s right to decide whether to consume it. Ms. Yi is in favor of not only leveraging the current movements of the day to nullify other people’s ability to make art but attempting to brand with Scarlett letters anyone who has ever been associated with anyone who ever did anything bad.

Franco has allegedly done things wrong (and some of it is likely true though wrong isn’t such black and white), but Yi is advocating for mob punishment rather than teachable moments and any sort of rehabiliation. Her mission to prevent abuse on set is not particularly relevant if James Franco no longer does these things and paid retributions (the extent to which Franco did bad things is certainly up to debate, but Yi is not even advocating such discourse). Even if you don’t believe cancel culture is a thing, it’s hard not to see this as vindictive cancellation. She knows these allegations will be seen in the public eye and force Seth Rogen to back track.

Furthermore, Yi continues to imply Rogen’s guilt through absurdities through a list of demands. If you’re not hiring survivors on your set (like anyone should submit ask such invasive questions in the hiring process or rearrange your cast to do as such), you are now enabling abuse? That seems to be Yi’s implication.

I don’t support Franco’s abuse either but I do support a punishment proportional to the crime rather than a Scarlet letter system.

Like I said, I support Yi’s right to make art, just not take it away from others without cause.

UPDATE: I now believe that Franco would qualify for someone deserving of being called out for TimesUp or #MeToo which means I’m not sure where I stand with this article in its entirety



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